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25-12-17 Felixstowe Coast Patrol Event Assist Felixstowe 05-37-38-43 Watching Dippers in sea for drowning/cold
16-12-17 Landguard Fort Event Assist Felixstowe 04-05-19-32-37-43-51-66-01J-02J On-site traffic management
10-11-17 Project 7 Event Assist Long Melford 10-23-24-28-29-35-37-41-43-66-67 On-site traffic management
05-11-17 Rendlesham Fireworks Event Assist Rendlesham 05-37-43-51-66-01J-02J Transport & Welfare
29-10-17 S.E.H.Halloween event Event Assist Ipswich 05-19-35-37-43-51-66-01J-02J Transport, welfare, On-site traffic mngmt
13-09-17 Self-Deployment RTC Assist Woodbridge 66 Manage scene till ES arrived
10-09-17 Police Fun Day Promo Event Martlesham 26-43-51-01J Promotional Stand
09-09-17 S.N.H Girl's Night Out Event Assist Bury St Eds 05-28-35-37-43 Transport & Welfare
25/26/27-08-17 Maui Waui Event Assist Theberton 37-43-51-66-01J On-site traffic management
20-08-17 Melford Crank-Up Event Assist Liston 04-05-28-29-32-33 On-site traffic management
13-08-17 S.E.H. Bubble Rush Event Assist Ipswich 43-51-01J Transport & Welfare
12/13-08-17 Vintage Working Show Promo Event Lt Ellingham 04-05-28-29-32-33-37 Promotional stand
22/23-07-17 Fxt Carnival Event Assist Felixstowe 04-05-25-37-43-49-51-66-01J Road closures with TM team
16-07-17 Jaffa-Ekiden Relay Event Assist Woodbridge 04-05-26-35-37-43-49-51-66-01J On-site traffic management
01-07-17 NPS Event Assist Topthorn 43-66 On-site traffic management
01/02-07-17 FMPS Rally Promo event Melford Park 04-05-28-29-32-33-35-37 Promotional stand
23\\/24-06-17 Armed Forces Weekend Event Assist Felixstowe 04-05-25-26-28-29-32-33-35-37-43-49-51-66-01J Maintaining road closures with TM team
18-06-17 NPS Event Assist Topthorn 05-43-66 On-site traffic management
10-06-17 Rendlesham Show Event Assist Jubilee Pk, Rendlesham 05-25-28-29-35-37-43-51-66-01J-02J Parking, On-site traffic mngmt, Promo stand
20-05-17 S.E.H Midnight Walk Event Assist Ipswich 05-27-34-35-37-49-66-02J Transport and Welfare
13/14-05-17 Maui Waui Event Assist Thorington 05-35-37-43-49-66 On-site traffic management
07-05-17 Easton YFC PR Event Easton Farm Pk 05-37-43-51-01J Promotional stand
09-04-17 NPS Event Assist Topthorn 05-66-02J On-site traffic management
01-04-17 BRAVE Bomb Run Event Assist Coggeshall 05-25-28-37-49-68 Authorised road stops for M/C convoy
18-03-17 EA-CAT PR Event Fxt Triangle 05-25-66 Promotional stand
19-03-17 NPS Event Assist Sicklesmere 37-66-JR02 On-site traffic management
19-02-17 NPS Event Assist Topthorn 37-43-66-JR02 On-site traffic management
12-02-17 Sulsar Search Assist Local beaches 05-43 (06+71 stood down) Transporting Search Teams
14-01-17 EA-CAT Stand-down issued Countywide All Danger passed
12-01-17 EA-CAT Standby issued Countywide All Weather related standby
02-01-17 Self-deployment EEAST Assist Felixstowe 49 Divert traffic on RTC
26-12-16 Felixstowe Coast Patrol Event Assist Felixstowe 05-43-49-50 Watching Dippers in sea for drowning-cold
11-12-16 Landguard Fort Event Assist Felixstowe 66-43-37-25-10-05 On-site traffic management
03-12-16 Chelmsford Motor Club Event Assist Thetford 26-35-40-43-66 Assist overnight with Rally Marshalling
26-11-16 Felixstowe Lions Event Assist Felixstowe 05-25-49-66 Team stand & assist with road closure
04-11-16 Project 7 Event Assist Long Melford 10-11-26-30-35-37-39-43-49-51-63-64-66 On-site traffic management
22-10-16 Self-deployment MOP Assist A12 Ipswich 61-62 Towed dead van off carriageway to safe place
25-09-16 WSMC Event Assist MOD Wethersfield 43-66 Assist with Rally Marshalling
17-08-16 Middleton Dog Show Event Assist Middleton 05-28-29-43-63-64-66-68 On-site traffic management
02-05-08-16 Maui Waui Event Assist Leiston 05-26-28-29-39-43-51-66 On-site traffic management
23/24-07-16 Felixstowe Carnival Event Assist Felixstowe 05-26-28-29-33-35-37-39-43-45-49-66 Man road closure and general safety
17-07-16 Jaffa Ipswich Event Assist Woodbridge 05-06-13-28-29-33-43-37 On-site traffic management
03-07-16 Landguard Fort Event Assist Felixstowe 66-43-37-26 On-site traffic management
19-06-16 NORSE WP&C Event Assist Topthorn 05-26-33-37-43-68 On-site traffic management
11-06-16 Rendlesham fete Event Assist Rendlesham 05-28-29-33-35-37-50-61-62-66-43 Management of off-site parking areas
30-05-16 NPS Event Assist Sicklesmere 43-61-66-68 On-site traffic management
22-05-16 ECMC Event Assist Rock Barracks 43-61-66-68 Assist with Marshalling Targa Rally
14-05-16 Maui Waui Event Assist Blythburgh 05-35-37-43-66 On-site traffic management
01-05-16 ECMC Event Assist Rock Barracks 43-66 Assist with Marshalling motor car trial
16-04-16 Self-deployment Assisting CFR Rendlesham 61 Assist Community First Responder
20-03-16 WSMC Event Assist Lamarsh 43-66-68 Assist with Marshalling motor car trial
21-02-16 WSMC Event Assist Hadleigh 10-30-41-43-45-47-49 Assist with Marshalling motor car trial
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